Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are you an over or under person?

Recently my mother took a bad fall in her home. She suffered a broken hip and had surgery in Sioux Falls. I has wanted to go to Sioux Falls for the 4th of July but not for this reason. My best friend Julie opened her home to me for more than a week. When life turns chaotic, it is indescribable how wonderful it is to have friends like mine - especially "The Moving Crew".

Julie went back to Minnesota to spend the long holiday weekend with her family. Unfortunately, her mother is experiencing health issues of her own and needed some assistance.

While she was gone, I needed to change the toilet paper roll in her bathroom. I did and was pleased with my abilities. It all seemed fine to me. I mean when I needed toilet paper, I tugged on it, it unrolled, I tore it off and all was well. Upon return from her parent's home, Julie let me know with a chuckle, that she had to redo the toilet paper because it was coming from underneath and she likes it to unroll from the top. I giggle about this each time it crosses my mind.

So, I find myself wondering -- are you an under or over person? Or, are you like me -- just thankful there is toilet paper there when you need it given there have been a number of times when that wasn't the case.


Anonymous said...

I have always been an under person. Over seems kind of odd in my opinion.

FooFooYelland said...

Under. My mother had a real bee in her bonnet about it and I guess it just rubbed off onto me. Tried over to maybe see why others like it so much but it was just WRONG!